Starting Material

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This particular section, unlike the other sections of this site, is not dedicated to the brain specifically: rather it is an area where I try and give a general overview of the mechanics and functions behind the different things that can go on in the brain: particularly regarding microbiology and cancers.

There is also information here about disorders that may have brain involvement, but they tend to be more systemic in nature i.e. the effects of the disorders are seen throughout the body rather than just in the brain itself. Wherever needed, in the pages here, I’ll hyperlink to the other sections to make it easier to navigate through the site.

This is the page for you if you wish to learn or if you want a refresher lesson. I’ll be adding more material here as I work on the other sections: be on the lookout!





  1. Cytogenetic Disorders 
  1. Introduction to Normal Cell Structure 
  2. Introduction to Immune System 
  3. Cytokines 
  4. Non-immune Cells
  1. Anticoagulant System 
  2. Fibrinolytic System 
  1. Introduction to Acute Inflammation 
  2. Introduction to Chronic Inflammation
  1. Apoptosis 
  2. Necrosis 
  1. Introduction to Bacteria 
  2. Introduction to Viruses
  3. Introduction to Fungi 
  4. Introduction to Parasites
  5. Life Cycle of Parasites  
  1. Benign Tumours versus Malignant Cancers 
  2. Danger: Mutagens Cause Cancer! 
  3. Invasion and Metastasis 
  4. Hallmarks of Cancer 
  5. p53: Cell Police