Broca’s Area

Brocas and Wernickes area

Pic: http://wfpsychbrainwiki.wikispaces.com/file/view/250px-BrocasAreaSmall.png/261532708/375×255/250px-BrocasAreaSmall.png

Broca’s area is an area that was discovered to be one of the main language centres of the brain (the other being Wernicke’s area). Unlike most parts of the brain, which are coordinated between the two hemispheres, Broca’s area is located only within the hemisphere that is language-dominant (usually the left side). It corresponds with the motor cortex by sending orders to move the jaw muscles and the mouth in order to form speech. This is also the area which is in charge of ensuring proper syntax i.e. how words are ordered when speaking (It is done one way in English or the other way in other languages around the world; English is a strange language, I know). It also dictates when to use single or plural forms when referring to something.

Wernicke’s Area

This area shares a similar responsibility to Broca’s area because it involved with the major thing that separates us humans from most other species on Earth: language. Unlike Broca’s area, though, it is directly involved in the creation of language as opposed to just controlling the muscles involved. It is also vital that this area of the brain be working in order to understand what somebody is saying to you. I’m sure all of you would have gone ‘huh?’ at least once in your life in regards to hearing others speaking a language that you do not understand: if Wernicke’s area wasn’t working, everything that people are saying would just be gibberish, regardless of whether it is in your native tongue or not.