Hi there, and thanks for visiting my site!

What is this site about? 

As you may have already guessed from the name of the website, this site is devoted to the brain.

Fresh Human Brain

You may think that it’s just a blob of jelly with red squiggly lines as you can see from its appearance, but in reality it is both a complex and remarkable organ. Each of us may belong to the species of Homo sapien, however our brains help make us who were are as individuals: no-one is exactly the same!

What makes this site unique? 

What makes this site different from a lot of sites on the Internet is that I’ll combining different aspects of what we know about the brain, but at the same time try to use everyday examples to explain what can be quite technical. I may not be a neurologist or an MD, but I have had training in both medical science (B. Lab Medicine) and psychology, so I’ll be tackling both these aspects as best I can. This site will be exploring the brain at both the anatomical and the microscopic level and I’ll also be talking about brain disorders.

What made you interested in launching a website about the brain? 

To be honest, for me this has a personal thread to it. You wouldn’t figure this by looking at me now, but when I was born, unfortunately my brain had a lack of oxygen and as a result, I received brain damage. I also have known a lot of people in my life who were either born with or received brain damage later on in their lives. Studying the brain as part of my university degree has given me a great appreciation for what the brain is capable of, and I felt like I wanted to share that knowledge.

What elements of your studies will you be using here? 

The elements of my studies that I’ll be using here include: anatomy, microbiology, biochemistry and histopathology from my medical degree as well as psychology. This is a good opportunity for me to refresh my memory.

What if I need more information about something specific? 

Like I mentioned before, my knowledge is limited to a degree because I am qualified as a medical scientist rather than an MD, so I’ll provide a list of sources that may give you further information if I haven’t sufficiently addressed the topics on the website. I’ll also be providing a list of websites under in the menu above which will give names of organisations associated with the different brain disorders I’ll be referring to.

Happy reading!