Welcome to weallhaveuniquebrains.com!

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I’ve designed this site to be a one stop shop relating to the brain: this site discusses brain anatomy, brain microscopy, brain pathology and psychology. When I thought about creating this site, I thought about integrating what I’ve learned from my studies at university and elsewhere, yet at the same time I wanted to design it for those interested in these topics who want to keep things simplistic and not have tons of medical jargon thrown in their face! I may not be a neurologist or an MD, but I am qualified as a medical/laboratory scientist due to the degree I studied over five years and graduated from (B. Laboratory Medicine) and I’ve done short courses in psychology, so I’ll be tackling both these aspects as best I can!

Soon, I’ll be trying to incorporate Youtube vids here, so be on the lookout! For now though, here’s a thorough list of the pages I’ve added with hyperlinks attached (I’ll be constantly updating at the end of each day as I publish more stuff: the site is under construction!)

If you feel like talking yourself instead of reading, feel free to join the forum.


Starting material (for learning and refreshment)

1. Brain Anatomy

2. Brain Microscopy

3. Brain Pathology

4. Psychology: An Introduction